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Note: World Junior A Challenge live on Follow World Junior A Challenge 2016 for live scores, final results, fixtures and standings! Live scores on Here you'll find live scores, final results, goal scorers and lineups in match details. In addition, provides live team statistics (number of shots on goal, shooting percentage, goalkeeper saves, penalties, power play/shorthanded goals, faceoffs won) and player statistics from NHL and other top hockey leagues. Standings: offers home/away/overall World Junior A Challenge 2016 standings, form (last 5 matches), over/under and top scorers tables. You can find World Junior A Challenge scores and standings on World Junior A Challenge 2016 page, or click on the hockey scores page to see all today's hockey scores.
Upcoming matches: 11.12. Canada East U18 - Czech Republic U18, Canada West U18 - Switzerland U18, 12.12. Czech Republic U18 - USA U18, Russia U18 - Canada West U18, 13.12. Russia U18 - Switzerland U18, USA U18 - Canada East U18