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Note: Soccer scoreboard is a real-time scoring service with detailed tables, halftime soccer results and match details. Follow live soccer scores around the World with FlashScore.ca – La Liga scores, MLS scoreboard, Gold Cup, Liga MX, Australian A League, Asian soccer records, soccer in Africa and 100+ European soccer leagues (e.g. English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, European Champions League and Europa League.)
Premier League live on FlashScore.ca! 21.12. Wolves - Liverpool, 22.12. Arsenal - Burnley, Bournemouth - Brighton, Chelsea - Leicester, Huddersfield - Southampton, Manchester City - Crystal Palace, Newcastle - Fulham, West Ham - Watford, Cardiff - Manchester Utd, 23.12. Everton - Tottenham, 26.12. Fulham - Wolves, Burnley - Everton. Follow! results, fixtures and standings.
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